Sigma P Master Clock


Key features:

  • Wired or wireless DHF time distribution and relay programming
  • PC software programming and USB key transfer.


  • LCD display : hour – minute – second – date
  • Synchronisable via GPS, FI or DCF antenna
  • 3 programmable relays
  • Automatic resetting of time distribution after power shortage
  • Clock synchronisation with wired or DHF wireless coded time signals
  • USB slot for system update
  • Automatic summer/winter changeover
  • ABS casing for wall-mounted or aluminum casing for 19 ″ rack (1U height).

Time distribution:

  • 24 V minute/second impulse 1A
  • DHF
  • D1D2 230V (tower clock)

Time programming:

  • Wired relays
  • Wireless bell and relay systems


  • FI, DCF or GPS radio antennas
  • Wireless transmitter or repeater
  • Wireless relay controller
  • Wireless bell system (Melodys sounder)