About Us

Auto Time Systems Northern Ltd was established in 1980. We specialise in the supply of time displays/wall clocks and digital display boards to schools, colleges and universities as well for all other different types of businesses, organizations and domestic uses.

We offer a comprehensive range of discounted wall clocks and radio controlled clocks/time displays as well as the latest range of wireless DHF clock & bell system solutions for a complete synchronized time or class change solution for your establishment.

We are proud to offer the full range of wall clocks from Bodet, Sirrom, E A Combs, and Quantum, which can be ordered through our website and delivered directly to your door.

Alternatively come and see us at our head office in Appley Bridge, Lancashire. Our team of friendly sales staff will always be at your disposal ensuring you get the right clock for your needs.

Why not talk to us about our corporate clocks? We offer a design service where we can print your name & design on to each of your chosen clock faces.