Time Synchronisation – GPS Antenna


GPS Time Synchronisation – Satellite receiver for sirrom master clock

Perfect Time synchronisation all over the world can be ensured when using our GPS satellite receiver to complement the Sigma master clock range.  The GPS reciever synchronises time through  a network of 24 satellites part of the GPS system.  This specific antenna receives these timing messages in GMT* time. A good reception of three satellites is sufficient for accuracy greater than one microsecond. The GPS antenna receives the time message every second, decodes it and the sends it to the Sigma master clock automatically.

The GPS antenna comes with support and 20-metre telephone cable, which can be extendable to 100 m

* GMT: Greenwich Mean Time. GMT is World Time and the basis of every world time zone which sets the time of day, and is at the centre of the time zone map. GMT sets current time or official time around the globe.