What is a Radio Controlled Clock?

Every single one of our range of our radio controlled wall clocks are tested to receive the new recently relocated radio MSF mast signal which is now broadcast from the National Physical Laboratory at Anthorn Radio Station in Cumbria. The MSF radio signal operates on a frequency of 60 kHz and carries a time and date code that can be received and decoded by our range of radio controlled clocks. This signal covers the whole of the U.K

What is a Wireless Controlled Clock?

The term Wireless Control Clock comes from the use of wireless master clock system. This system is comprised of a master clock which is located ideally in the central part of a building. The master clock system then sends out a time signal of 869.525 MHz to each independent wireless controlled clock. This signal can then be picked up by each wireless clock over a distance of up to 250 metres depending on the building environment. The main benefit of using this system is that it will provide 100% uniform time to each clock located in your business, school, college or university environment, and are virtually 100% maintenance free. Your clocks will automatically go forward in summertime and back wintertime. Each clock is 100% synchronized and you only need to look at your clock batteries every 3 years or so.

What is a Stand Alone Clock?

This type of clock is simply independent quartz stand alone with no time synchronization. These clocks can battery or mains operated depending on type.

Additional Clock Q&A

Should you be encountering signal quality problems with a radio controlled clock? Try relocating your clock to another position. Should you have a genuine complaint then we will happily swap your clock for a new one.

Should your clock stop picking up the MSF signal from time to time? Click Here for more information how to improve your reception. The MSF signal is taken off-air a few times a year for planned maintenance work. For a list of the scheduled outages please Click Here for more information.