In 2002 Broughton Hall was invited to become one of the first 101 Leading Edge schools nationwide. Since revamping, they now use the latest technologies including a wireless clock and bell system.

Equipment Installed
Wireless Clock and Bell System

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Broughton Hall High School is committed to safeguarding students and enforcing strict security procedures. In order to put systems in place Broughton Hall contacted Auto Time Systems.

Simon Nicholson, Sales Manager at Auto Time Systems said “We installed a master clock system at the school which enables teachers, at the touch of a button, to alert all staff and pupils at the school of any type of emergency on site. The school asked for certain melodies to be available to play at the touch of a button throughout the school. We commissioned messages such as; ‘lock down’ and ‘all clear’ which could be played instantly throughout the school.”

Mike Clays, Facilities Manager at Broughton Hall said, “The system put in place by Auto Time was very effective, the safety of our students is our main priority. The system enables us to make students aware of any situation that could be of concern within the school immediately. We are extremely happy with the system that we have in.”

Alongside this particular system we also provided the school with a number of indoor synchronised LCD clocks which are linked to the master clock system, so every clock in the school has accurate time. This helps the school to remain punctual making learning more efficient.